Are you Ghetto, Ratchet or just living life ?

ghetto, ratchet

Today’s teenagers  have perfect attendance at night clubs but miss school on a daily basis- Priorities?

A culture formed over time; misplaced priorities and the “Live for today” mentality.

This is a phenomenon widely seen across most races – Black, Hispanics, Whites etc.  Some people call it  “Ratchet”  others say it’s an attitude associated with the under-privileged.

I beg to differ ; I have seen people  in mild poverty behave with a sense of class and in a civilized manner.

So why does this “Ratchet” mentality exist ?

As a Black man my focus is going to be centralized on my race; i can’t say much for other races in this category because i am not familiar with their culture.

In its defense Ratchet behavior has always existed; people have always acted in ways that are opposite of the societal norm but we must agree on one thing – The advent of social media sharing sites such as instagram, twitter have exacerbated this behavior on a much more bigger scene.

Now twitter knows whenever we are drunk, sexually frustrated or have just been in a fight – Instagram has all the photos to prove it ; Pictures we took whilst intoxicated – in the middle of the dance floor, tongue out, eyes filled with a blank stare – We just don’t care.

Most actions on the internet are irreversible, someone took a screenshot of that tweet rant you had, the drunk picture of you in a night club? Yep “screenshotted” too (N.B Screenshotted doesn’t exist in the dictionary yet).

So what happens when you decide to grow up and something from your past comes to haunt you ?

We have already seen the case of 17 year old Paris Brown in April 2013 – The UK’s first youth police commissioner who had to quit her £15,000 a year Job after only 6 days of being appointed.

Why? – Well something from her past came back to haunt her, Tweets she made between the ages of 14 and 16 re-surfaced.  She was boasting about her sex life in one of them – Read the rest of the story here

I am quite sure that she isn’t the only person to have had sex at the age of 14 and went on to become someone useful in the society. The difference is that back then there wasn’t any Twitter account or instagram account where you could post tweets, pics and rants of your deviant behaviors.

After all the deviant drunken instagram pictures do you want to wake up one morning and find out that you have 3 kids with different fathers ? (Baby daddies)  a low income job ? No morals No goals?

This leads to a rampant growth in what we call the ‘single mom culture’ – Camille Paglia warned women of this generation about this; she argued that by the time today’s women are ready for marriage they will not be marriage material and men will prefer much younger women – And it’s already happening today.


 N.B – Ratchet as defined on urban dictionary : a term for someone who is either 1. a whore 2. dirty/nasty 3. ghetto as HELL 4. being annoying 5. busted

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