Africa Technology – Nigerian Robot goes on Exhibition [Video]

A model helicopter flies around the room, a 3D printer is being tweaked on the side and all about are young Nigerian men and women at laptops working on a variety of the best Africa technology and software.

“This is a children’s book for the iPad,” says Bayo, one designer as he holds his invention for us to see – a colourful display of traditional African animal cartoons. “We want to promote African values using mobile technology… so this is is African folk tales with moral undertones to it.”

“Jimmy” the robot drives across the floor and as soon as it sees an obstacles – it turns and moves around it…

… It is in many way an analogy between the work at one of the biggest technology hubs in Africa and how they aim to get round some of the biggest problems on the continent – it’s called Co-Creation and it’s in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

“This is cutting edge innovation,” says Tunji Eleso as he shows us round the hub. “We are providing a place they can work out of, where they can create their interesting innovations and partner with each other to make things happen.”

Watch the Video Below.

Sone of their projects launched include Efiko (you can find it here: ) which is a mobile self-help tool for students; Tiket Mobile (found here: ) which helps you get information and buy bus tickets for across Lagos; or Budgit – a website that tries to simplify the complex Nigerian budget ( found here: )

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  • Alfie100

    I am blown away absolutely. Truly there is hope for Africa. The reporter is dumb though – shame!

    • Yeah, Africa has talent, we just need to learn how to use it. How is the reporter dumb by the way ?