A Journey Into The Mind of THIS WOMAN!

Sonya Lavette Bell

Why did I write a book?

By the time I was 18 years old, 10 young Black males that I knew had died from tragedy. Murder was the leading cause for the majority of the deaths. Before the age of 25; more would soon follow. I didn’t really know what to make of this while I was maturing into a young woman. But it was having a tremendous psychological impact on me. Every single summer, I expected someone to die. My generation was in peril.

Hip Hop was the soundtrack of life in young Black America and its more negative components were taking root through the imagery of Gangsta Rap. Once party driven rhythms were being outplayed by angry bass tones, braggadocios Black masculinity, bold, angry, and unapologetic of depicting life in the inner city. This had great impact on the minds of young Black males around the world.

The drug culture was permeating American society and in my once quiet suburban community; I would soon see faces and things that would have a tremendous impact on how my neighborhood would be viewed and how it would change the way I thought. One day I woke up and literally realized that The American Black male was a brand which was largely created through the machination and minds of racist white males.

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