A Gay “Queen James” Bible has been released in America


The First Gay Bible has been released, it is said to be an adaptation of the King James Bible but with a few twists.

Queen James Bible

Queen James Bible

The publishers of this Bible says it aims to prevent a Misinterpretation of God’s word by the General Public. They also claim that God does not hate homosexuals and they have even changed some parts of the Bible to prove it.

The Queen James Bible Website states: “You can’t choose your sexuality, but you can choose Jesus. Now you can choose a Bible, too.”

“In addition to changing scriptures throughout the Bible, the authors of the book claim that King James I was bisexual, despite the fact there is no concrete historical evidence to verify this.

Interestingly enough,  the website and text have God listed as its author and Jesus Christ as the contributor. The book’s physical publisher, editor, and translator are not listed anywhere.

The Queen James Bible is listed for $34.95 on the book’s website and on Amazon. Purchase at your own risk.
Queen James Bible

Queen James Bible

This is something they can get away with because its Christianity, The Muslims will not tolerate such acts of disrespect towards their holy book, and by now they would have acted on the situation.
Next thing we know, there might be a “Murderer’s Bible”, “Prostitute’s Bible” or better still “Paedophile’s Bible” .
What are your thoughts on this ?


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