5 Steps to Keep in Shape this Winter

By Tola Ade King

As we all know, most of us can put on a lot of weight during winter!

This is mostly due to the cold and lazy days.

I can say from personal experiences, one can get very Lazy! During winter times and lose the motivation to work out like they do in summer.
No chance to show off skin, means less focus on weight gain.

Well, now its time to beat the “winter fall’.


1. Drink a glass of water after waking up, and have a set workout morning routine.
This could be 5 minutes on sit-ups 5 minutes on lunges, 5 minutes on squats.
If you have a garden, perfect!
Why don’t you have a 15 minutes power walking or skipping session! Perfect to start off the day!


2. Give yourself a little time in the mornings to eat breakfast!
Winter can cause depression to some people (Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD) and people handle it differently.
It can affect your eating habit!
Overcome this by making sure you get a balanced breakfast!
Have a packed lunch or snack with you, this can be carrots! Crunchy, sweet and low in calories!

3. When watching your TV programmes, during the break, you have 3-5 minutes to do some sit-ups, leg raises, or anything to keep your heart rate up.


4. Try not to over eat!
Try to stick to the three meals a day and really light snacks when feeling peckish!
On a typical winter day, you can end up eating an average of 4 meals a day. This will only make you feel depressed and less motivated to get up and make a change.

5. Before you snuggle into your bed, why not have a quick 30 minutes cardio workout? Put on your favourite playlist and have a dance session.
This is sure to keep you warm just before bed!

And guys! Be aware! It is also very easy to dehydrated during winter!
You find yourself urinating more than you do during summer, so always make sure to re-compensate for the lost fluids!


If you want more tips on keeping fit, visit out fitness queen Tola Ade King >>  http://www.tolaadeking.blogspot.co.uk/

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