African History Lesson : Yasuke [The African Samurai]

    He was the  first Black Japanese Samurai in history and he was essentially one of the ‘Right Hand Men’ of the war lord of 16th century Japan:  Oda Nobunaga. Yasuke (彌介)  is what they called him, we are not too sure of his actual name but a recent discovery in a 2013 investigation by Discovery of(…)

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  1. Tiffany Birch: If that's not Yasuke in the picture above the article then who is it? Great read.

    • Mr Africa: Hello Tiffany,There are no known photographs of Yasuke, but we decided to use a photograph of one of the earliest…

  2. Historia de África | Yasuke un Samurái negro en el período del Japón feudal.: […] Yasuke [The African Samurai] : […]

  3. Taurus Bailey: Thats not him because there was no photography in the 16th century

  4. Roman Cruz: So there are _two_ black samurai of note?